Precision Thread And Form Rolling Machine


? ?Though-feed or in-feed thread rolling machine for small components
? ? A fine adjustment of spindle inclination with a digital indicator (option)
?? Space saving (floor space:1.2m2)
?? Both right and left spindles are driven by the independent servo motors respectively.
? ? ?High precision thread rolling by eliminating pitch error with rotation synchronization control.
?? Programmable pitch coinciding of rolling dies by inputting numerical values on the screen.
?? Data of machining conditions and offset values are stored in the NC as numerical data, and reproducing of conditions is easy.


Machine tool parameter R7NC (In-feed) R7NC (Through-feed)
Max. rolling O.D. φ45mm φ10mm
Max. rolling length 60(100)mm 1,500mm
Max. speed 195min-1?
Max. rolling pressure 7ton
Spindle motor 2.5kW×2
Width×Depth×Height 1,245×940×1,770mm
Weight 1,500kg


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